Two subjects picked from the media / One voted for the discussion.

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Two subjects picked from the media / One voted for the discussion.

The Café-News is an easy-going discussion encounter where people share thoughts on international/local news in a philo/psycho way in a convivial atmosphere. All topics can be put on the table, as long as people stay courteous and respectful with each other’s ideas in order to get the most stimulating and enriching exchange. A new topic will be proposed each time picked from any media support.

Everyone is welcome, no prerequisite needed.

TONIGHT'S SUBJECTS (will be subject to a vote and the one that has the majority will be discussed) :

- SUBJECT 1: Can Volontourism" male a difference?

Many travelers from rich Western countries spend time volunteering around the world, but some argue that this “voluntourism” ends up doing more harm than actually helping communities in need.
As students, retirees and others head abroad this summer in search of experiences volunteering, are they really looking to help others or just themselves?

- SUBJECT 2: Clichés and Prejudices

We have all had experiences in that domain, but let’s have a humoristic and light hearted approach to it. Instead of seeing things “personally” by feeling attacked, why not try and find the origins of all these clichés to better understand them. All historical anecdotes and knowledge are most welcome.

Film : Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu ? A 100mn film where all possible racial and religious clichés come out in a very funny way.
Claude and Marie Verneuil, traditional catholics, have 4 daughters, three of which are married to a muslim, a jew and a chinese. All their hopes are on their fourth and last daughter who will marry a French catholic…FINALLY !

"7 à 8" TV documentary on April 27th: Vive les préjugés !
Felicite Kindoki et Esperance Miezi's book "Comment savoir si vous êtes noir » :
« Helllooooo !!! You’re black and you can’t dance ???? ». Felicity Kindoki prefers to laugh about these clichés on her color, and the nicknames people have given her like “gazelle”, “Island beauty” or Black Mamba. With humor, this French woman of Congo and Angola origins writes about all the clichés that some of her fellow French compatriots say on black people. Like when she was once asked “Do you speak African?”. Or when this old lady looked at her and said “Oh, it’s as hot as in Africa”.
And what about clichés like French never wash, or Geishas are prostitutes?
REMINDER : sharing objective explanations on the true background of these clichés are most welcome, in order for this subject to be an enriching one !

In order to allow respect and democracy (freedom of idea and equality of time to speak), we just need a few rules in other to make the exchange of ideas possible:

1) We speak in turn when given turn,

2) let’s avoid one-to-one discussion, (speak to everyone)

3) we focus on ideas and not on judging people

4) Thank you for being concise (one idea at a time) so that attendees are given the opportunity to respond, (so do not reveal all your philosophy in one go;-)

5) You are welcome to remain a gentle woman/man even when your ideas happen to be questioned ;-)

We will go around the table to vote on the subject that will then be discussed.
The admin will introduce the debate (5 to 15mn + what sources).

This Café-News can only work well with people of good will and who appreciate the intelligence of sharing the diversity of ideas spread in the world.


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