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[h2 dotted]To be considered[/h2]

The definitions and principles of operation set forth below are general proposals inspired by the experience of a wide variety of cafés philo, but every café philo is warmly encourage to formulate its own charter and rules, and to inform their participants.

[h2 dotted]Definition[/h2]

Cafe philo (coffee and philosophy) is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life with others in a public setting. Everyone is welcome, regardless of country of origin, gender, educational level or social class. All topics can be discussed freely, the aim being to foster an open and free philosophical exchange.

[h2 dotted]Values[/h2]

The aim of these meetings is to strengthen the ability to think by oneself, while at the same time, respecting the autonomy of others. For these debating sessions to work effectively, participants are invited to be genuinely interested in each other’s ideas, willing to learn from each other, and committed to enhancing the group’s capacity to debate.


[h2 dotted]Some general principles[/h2]

– All participants are given an equal opportunity to respond, present a topic of their own or simply come and listen.
– The meeting attendees vote to set the theme for current topic and future topics.
– Each meeting starts with a 5 to 15 minute introduction.
– The participants are encouraged by the moderator to be concise and stay on topic.

[h2 dotted]Discussion format[/h2]

– A pre chosen person notes who wants to speak and she/he gives turn in chronological order. She/he ensures that the discussion is followed in a fair manner. A preference is given to those who speak less. 
– A second person may also oversee the ongoing discussion and provide a punctual synthesis, as needed, keeping the meeting going in a forward manner.
– A group leader or any other participants may further define how the ” philosophical dialogue format” could be improved in order to widen perspectives and stimulate creativity of thoughts.
– In all cases, each coffee philosophy group is warmly encouraged to formulate and make known its charters, principles or rules to all participants.

[h2 dotted]A golden rule[/h2]

No one is to be attacked, judged or silenced for expressing her/his ideas. It is the idea that is debated, questioned, reviewed, analyzed, etc. and never the person who expresses it.

[h2 dotted] A basic definition of what is a philosophical debate[/h2]

A philosophical debate is thought to be a process of exploration on the meaning of things and ideas.
It  is worth noting that dialogue on the meaning of things requires an effort to distinguish on the one hand, what is a fact and, on the other hand, what is the perception or the interpretation of the fact.
Exploring and exposing these different perceptions aim to facilitate creativity of thought and new understandings.

[h2 dotted] Incidentally, that is not a philosophy cafe [/h2]

– This is not a lecture where the speaker answers questions afterwards.
– It’s not propaganda about a particular philosophy, political party or religious movement.
– It is not a place where to determine a civil, political or religious action.
– It is not just a group for small talks as all ideas/opinions will be analyzed, questioned, depth, etc..
– This is not a group therapy where you talk about your personal life or express freely your impulses.

 [h2 dotted]Cost[/h2]

Discussions are free of cost. If a cost is required, it is in regard to only personal consumption or possibly for collateral expenses.